Who are the Custom Sports Club? 
We are a design studio who specialise in Sports Branding and Creative Direction. When I say 'we', I refer to everyone who has helped me build this business, as well as the freelance illustrators and photographers who I've worked with along the way. As in reality, the Custom Sports Club is just me - Robert Boyd. 

The idea to set up a sport specific studio started back in 2015. I designed a concept design for the then nameless Beckham Miami MLS expansion team as a bit of fun and posted it online. I received backlash from the Miami soccer community who kindly detailed where I was going wrong. So, I asked my most vocal critic if he would help me try again. Instead he asked if I could design the logo for his new team he was setting up called 'Gold Coast Inter'. I did, and once launched I decided to see if any other smaller soccer teams in the states would be interested in getting a logo design and from there CustomFC (previously known as) was born. 

As my skills have grown I have been able to sink more time into CustomSC and am working with bigger and bigger clients with every new project. I absolutely love what I do and can't wait to continue on this journey. 

If you would like to work with me feel free to head to the contact page and give me a message.

Robert Boyd
Founder | Creative Director | The Custom Sports Club
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